The Types of Underlayments that Beantown Uses

Tyvek is a continuous non-woven, non-perforated sheet made by spinning extremely fine continuous high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fibers, which are fused together to form a strong uniform web.


The fibrous structure is engineered to create millions of extremely small pores that resist bulk water and air penetration, while allowing moisture vapor to pass through.

Tyvek has been the old standby and is relatively cheap.  The biggest issue here is that to install Tyvek correctly you have to use proper stapling techniques to seal all of the staple penetrations and then tape all of the seams. 


Virtually no contractor installs this properly in an effort to save time.  Seams are not taped and a simple staple gun is used to tack the Tyvek in place leaving you with all sorts of holes in your barrier.

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Leave the old Tyvek behind.  This next generation vapor permeable air barrier picks up where traditional polymeric wraps leave off.


Ideal for wood frame construction, Henry Blueskin® VP100 is a Commercial grade, fully adhered, peel-n-stick system that eliminates air leakage while functioning as a water-resistant barrier and rain barrier. 


  • Increases building longevity by providing the best moisture and water protection than traditional Tyvek

  • Enhances occupant comfort by eliminating drafts

  • Improves thermal performance for reduced energy costs

  • Improves air quality by helping to reduce mold proliferation

BEANTOWN Home Improvements is likely the only contractor you will find using materials this high a quality in residential work.  If you skimp on one thing, not this!  Ask why!

MAIBEC, Cedar Shingles, Siding, Cedar, Beantown, Installer, Shingle