We appreciate our clients and the wonderful things they have to say about our service and quality of work.

Below are some testimonials from our clients that demonstrate why we are the Top Rated contractor in Mass!

Steve Guidaboni

Project Cost: $56,000


Description of Work: Replace all windows in the home with Simonton replacement windows, replace the rear entry door to the garage and replace all of the old wood clapboard with new Certainteed Monogram Vinyl Siding.

Customer Review: I can’t speak to what anyone else may consider important when deciding to hire a particular company over another to perform work on their home. For us, it’s peace of mind. We want to know that the work being performed is done by someone who is dedicated, knowledgeable, who takes pride in their service. We want someone who does what’s right, doesn’t “cut corners”, and doesn’t try to cheap out to save a dime. If these sound like important qualities to you, then look no further than Beantown Home Improvements. We knew from the start that we needed a lot of work done to our house. It was no longer possible to ignore the drafty original construction windows. Likewise, the faded/rotting clap board and trim were a real eyesore. We were becoming “that house” in the neighborhood. We desperately wanted these flaws remedied, but we just couldn’t seem to find someone who we trusted to hire. That all changed when Jim DelPrete from Beantown Home Improvements came to take a look. Jim’s knowledge, dedication, and integrity are immediately evident the second you meet him. This is a guy who knows what it means to be a home owner, and appreciates how nerve racking the home improvement process can be. We had hired other home improvement companies for various projects in the past, and really were left with nothing but headaches and unsatisfactory work. This was not the case with Beantown Home Improvements. In fact, when Jim came to perform his initial estimate, he noted that the window sill on our picture window was rotted through, and that water was getting in. He went to his truck, retrieved a couple of tubes of “Geocel” and sealed the leaks to buy us some time. I remember thanking him when he got down from the ladder. He simply stated, “It just wouldn’t feel right leaving that window like that. This only cost me maybe $10.00, but it can hopefully save you guys a lot more.” FYI, Jim was the 4th person we had to the house that looked at that same window for an estimate. That gesture was more than enough to show me that Beantown Home Improvements could provide us with the peace of mind we sought. And, I’m happy to say that they delivered. Together, Jim helped us develop a plan to ensure our house would be efficient, virtually maintenance free, and looking beautiful for years to come. The work performed consisted of 18 replacement windows, a brand new custom picture window, vinyl siding, new trim, new gutters, and much more. Jim’s work crews are a reflection of himself. Each and every person working for him was polite, productive, and took pride in their work. It was a pleasure to have these guys around, and watching them work was amazing. Our house has been transformed, and we finally have the dream home we always wanted. Now, instead of being “that house” in a negative light, we stand out as “that house” in the positive. We are so grateful that we hired Beantown Home Improvements, and I’m confident that we aren’t the only ones saying that after hiring them!

Ryan Higginson-Scott

Project Cost: $10,899


Description of Work: Remove and replace old asphalt shingle roof with new asphalt shingles.

Customer Review: Working with Beantown was a fantastic experience. The project manager, Elias, really took the time to make sure we knew exactly what we were having done - from samples of all of the materials, to detailed descriptions of both the what AND the why of the process, any time we had any questions. The workmanship and attention to detail were excellent, and I really felt as though the care and effort put into the project reflected the highest possible quality. While the aggressive estimate on original timeline ran a bit over we were still surprised at how quickly the job was done, given the size and complexity of the roof. We will absolutely recommend Beantown to friends and family, and look forward to working with them again on future projects!

Debra Stanley

Project Cost: $38,604


Description of Work: Replace 2 Velux skylights, 1 entry door, 4 Anderson windows and install vinyl siding

Customer Review: It isn't very often that you deal with a contractor and can enjoy a peaceful night's sleep. So many contractors can sell you a bill of goods, do the job, only to never be heard from again. It has happened to me more times than I can count throughout the years. Jim DelPrete, the owner of Beantown Home Improvement, is a stand-up guy. He is what we growing up in Boston used to call "a straight shooter." We had our whole house's natural wood shingles replaced with Certainteed Polymer shingles (the 5 inch straight-edged kind) with the half-round shingles on one dormer. We also had 3 basement windows, a basement door, a porthole window, and 2 skylights replaced, all with composite material. The individuals that work for Jim are so hard-working. They came during light rain, cold wind, and a few super-hot days. They never complained and showed up every morning at around 8A and left in the late afternoon. If we found something that we didn't understand or that bothered us, Jim answered our texts and emails almost immediately. I sometimes called (not often) and Jim picked up his cell right away. The biggest take-away is that Jim is responsive to the nth degree. As I stated in the beginning - no sleepless nights.


But I want to tell you the best part. My husband served honorably in the U.S. Marine Corp. What a pleasure to find out that Jim honors our nation's veterans in the most tangible of ways. He doesn't say "thank you for your service" he says "I will take 20% off the bill as my gratitude for your service." What do you think about that? So, you will be dealing with an honorable and obviously patriotic American who values you as a customer and a person who has served our country.


The cost of the job is competitive, but don't be fooled by a lower bid. You want the best materials with a knowledgeable crew. And - Jim comes back. If you notice a few very minor things, they are fixed promptly, even after the final payment is made. The contract states a third down, a third when the crew shows up, and a third when the crew is completely finished. Like I said, don't worry if you find something later, it will get fixed. This is nothing for Beantown to come back, and he takes the worry away from you. 


Jim will be able to furnish us as a reference if you want to chat about our experience. We didn't know it at the time, but 2 of our neighbors had already hired him. I sought out a 5 star rated contractor from Home Advisor. Now, the house looks inviting and I have his sign still up on my lawn.Several neighbors have been over to take a look and ask a ton of questions. It is my belief that Jim should hear from a few soon. We are people who want to relax now after years of hard work and not have to paint or touch the outside of the house. We just can't be thinking about maintenance anymore and this was just the solution for us. 


Do yourself a favor. Call Jim. Ask him dozens of questions. Take the first step into a hassle-free experience. And remember, fear not. Jim will not desert you - from the beginning, middle,end or after. He will respond to you in a considerate, respectful manner.

Arthur Illsley

Project Cost: $6,250


Description of Work: Replace roof on main home only along with some PVC trim


Customer Review: I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the job that was done on my roof and to commend you on your crew. Although I know this was not a huge job for your company, from the first I was impressed by the time you took to inspect my home, determine what was needed and then to explain to me what you would do, how it would benefit me, and then to handle other details that I requested. Throughout the job your crew was efficient, careful, and thorough. The clean up was better then I expected. A special shout out to Elias who obviously had a handle on everything and kept me informed both prior to the job and throughout the day. He is a real asset. Should the need arise, I would not hesitate to use Beantown again and I will certainly recommend you to anyone that asks. Thank you again, Arthur Illsley

Middleboro KOA Campground

Project Cost: $4000

Description of Work: Remove fiber cement board and replace with Maibec Nutmeg Pre-stained Cedar Shingle

Customer Review: Beantown completed a shake installation on main office building. Jim had a quick turn around time on his quote, and was always there to answer questions. The crew completed the job in one day and the results look great.

Evelyn Sjolin

Project Cost: $3400

Description of Work: Remove old leaking Roto skylight and replace with new Velux Solar Skylight with light blocking blinds.

Customer review: Very professional, meticulous. This company did such a great job replacing my old Roto skylight with a new Velux S06 solar skylight, I hired them to replace my back deck. Great company, they deliver what they promise! I would highly recommend this company.

Bill Seymore

Project Cost: $63,106


Description of Work: Replace rear entry door and one slider as well as remove existing cedar siding and install new Vinyl clapboard and shake. Demo existing deck and rebuild entirely as well as build new platform deck.

Customer Review: I found Beantown Home Improvement when I went to a home show in January of 2018 I talked a little at the time to several groups there about siding and later set up appointments to visit my home. I like Beantown Home Improvement for several reason Jim the owner gave me several phone numbers of jobs down in the past to call which I did and I talked to 7 different home owners who had similar work done on their home and all were very happy with the way their project went. Beantown was very up front with all the information cost etc. What I like the most about them was when I sent a email with a question I had a answer sometimes in ten minutes but always with in the hour regardless of when I sent the email or what day I sent it there was no chasing after the contractor to get the job done or answer question. Once the job started the crew was here until the job was completed and inspected along with the final inspector by the owner of the company. The crew did a great job each day very respectful clean up the work site each day. I have a fairly large home and they got the job down in less than 3 weeks. Very happy with the work the house looks great

Martin Smiddy

Project Cost: $45,853


Description of Work: I needed a new roof, new siding all around, all new windows, a new front entry door and a rear deck slider. Update exterior electrical as well.

Customer Review: Once the work began,everything appeared to fall into place. The crews were always on time and cleaned up every day.I observed some issues with the interior window trim which was immediately brought to Jim's attention and corrected to my satisfaction. It was a huge undertaking having all of this work done at one time and it caused moments of anxiety for my wife and I. During our work, being able to directly communicate with Jim helped alleviate some of our anxiousness allowing for reasonable solutions. I informed Jim that when we first met I was impressed with him and that when the job was completed I wanted to have the same opinion. Well, I do!!!

Jack & Joyce Perola

Project Cost: $53,592


Description of Work: Three-family house 100+ years old - replaced 25 windows and removed old shingles to install new insulated vinyl siding/clapboards and replaced roofing shingles across front of porch.


Customer Review: Our house is the nicest one on the street now - Beantown Home Improvements, Jim and his crew did a fantastic job. Jim was always responsive from the beginning of the project to the very end. He checked with me if he had any questions before proceeding with the work. He and his crew paid attention to any small details necessary on the job. Our tenants have told us how great the house looks now,and we are extremely happy how it turned out. Highly recommend Beantown Home Improvements.

Rehan Azeem

Project Cost: $54,060


Description of Work: Finish off existing basement creating an office, bathroom, play area and theater room with seating

Customer Review: Finishing the basement was always on our “to do list” ever since my wife and I built the house 3 years ago. We wanted the basement to have the same design flow as the main house while still being functional and practical. I always wanted a dedicated area for a movie theater while my wife required space to entertain guests and wanted to add another full bathroom. Beantown Home Improvements, Inc. was one of the five general contractors we reached out to bid on the basement remodeling project. From the very beginning, Jim DelPrete (Owner) of Beantown Home Improvements stood out from his peers in terms of being courteous, respectful, overall speed of responses, detailed/well written proposal, and willingness to work with the customer. He genuinely took interest in our ideas, gave honest and constructive feedback on what may or may not work. Not once did he shy away from revising the initial proposal as the scope of the project changed based on our discussions. In fact, by the time we signed off on the contact, Jim was already on version 4 of the proposal. Once the work started, he kept us appraised on what to expect every week, and demonstrated excellent project management skills. From Day 1, Jim worked hand and hand with his crew, who undoubtedly share his excellent values. With any project, there is always a possibility of last minute changes. Given the fact that I’m very particular about how things turn out in the end, not once did Jim push back on my inquiries, or let my silly questions impact his overall demeanor. He would always respond to my texts, calls, or emails promptly. Jim handled this project in a very creative manner, and had an eye for perfection. I’ll let the before and after pictures speak for themselves. I will hire Jim and his team again in the future for all home improvement projects. Hands down, he sets the benchmark high for the competition.

Karen Pereira

Project Cost: $5,850


Description of Work: Strip all existing roofing materials off the house and install a new 50 year Architectural roofing shingle.

Customer Review: Quality company, quality products and quality workmanship. Jim and his team replaced our roof a couple of weeks ago and we could not be more pleased! From the quote to the finished job Jim was a true professional, provided references and great information on the products he would be using. Most importantly to me - the communication during the entire process was amazing. We have already recommended Beantown to a relative (whom she hired), and have encouraged our neighbors to call for a quote. I would not hesitate to recommend Beantown to anyone and would hire them to do additional work on my home with confidence.

Ron Christianson

Project Cost: $24,500

Description of Work: Strip siding off house and install new vinyl horizontal (clapboard) and shingle style siding and gutters.

Customer Review: I recently had Beantown reside my home. Jim DelPrete, the “face” of Beantown Home Improvements, is very knowledgeable, articulate, and professional. After listening to his presentation, I was amazed at how thorough he was in providing information. He was readily available by phone during the installation and made regular visits to the site to inspect progress. He was very easy to work with.


I had three companies offer quotes for this job and Beantown was the highest bidder.


Nevertheless, I chose them because of the

1) extremely organized written bid that documented everything

2) the recommended blueskin insulation (I feel my home is totally insulated from any moisture)

3) the excitement and pride expressed by previous clients of Beantown whom I called for references, and most of all

4) the integrated J-Channel material offered only by Beantown that conceals all joints around windows and doors. Typically there is a visible J channel surrounding windows, which is aesthetically awkward looking. Once I saw the integrated channel work I knew this is what I wanted for my home!


The crew that worked on my home was pleasant, communicative, and professional. Some of my impressions: • They were at my home by 7:30 am and left around 5:30/6:00 pm.

• They worked hard – 10 hour days!

• They were there every day until the installation was complete.

• All debris was cleaned up EVERY DAY.

• They seemed to be proud of their work.

• They finished the project several days early.


Yes, I paid a bit more for this higher quality. I typically have “buyers remorse” on these types of projects. This time, however, I was truly excited with the final result and so pleased that I chose to pay a little more for this high quality result! I’m sure the other companies would have done a good job as well, but it would only have been just a job.


This quality is a result of the PROCESSES used in the application of materials. The extra touches Beantown provided (ie. new electrical outlets, new dryer/exhaust vent hoods, lighting fixtures, gutters) made the difference between “just a job” and an aesthetic enhancement of my home! I am so excited and proud of the way my home looks!!! I highly recommend Beantown without any reservations!

Shana Ferreira

Project Cost: $68,301

Description of Work: Complete roof, siding, 5 skylights, 2 new windows, exterior door on a approx 3000sq ft contemporary home.

Customer Review: The company was excellent. They were efficient on time, punctual each day, professional and clean. Jim (Business general contractor) was very responsive to calls. He relayed the message to his contractors immediately. Material used is better than most. Lots of available options right down to the color of vinyl for vents and outdoor outlets, etc. Only con was the company was the highest estimate, but were chosen due to their upfront honesty and detailed estimate, which also included finished work around custom sized skylights. Other companies were unable to provide availability of skylight size or interior finish work. Overall very satisfied! Highly recommend!

Jack Blanchard

Project Cost:  $33,900.00


Description of Work: Remove existing asphalt shingle roof and install new asphalt shingle roofing as well as replace 5 skylights with Velux solar powered venting windows complete with solar powered blinds.

Customer Review: Once the job was completed I had them install new aluminum gutters and down spouts Customer Review: We had 5 estimates Beantown being the last one, Jim arrived at the scheduled time . He explained the process, had all the documentation in his folder, licenses, insurance, references, samples of all materials used on installment of roof, he gave the quote, and also said that quote would be the same amount at the end. Jim also replaced any questionable trim boards with pine I supplied pre-stained. The property was left perfectly clean, his crew was professional and timely. He had never charged more than what was quoted. Not the cheapest but you get what you pay for.

Rosa Lopes

Project Cost: $17,500

Description of Work: Remove existing cedar shingle roofing and install new asphalt shingle roofing

Customer Review: We had 7 estimates Beantown being the last one, scheduled to come over at 2pm, it was raining heavily, was the day that we had tornado warnings, Jim called and told my husband that he was in traffic, he may arrive a few minutes late, he arrived at the house not even 5 minutes after 2pm. I did tell him we could go over another day after meeting with Jim I knew he was the one that we should contract. He explained the process, had all the documentation in his folder, licenses, insurance, references, samples of all materials used on installment of roof, he gave the quote, and also said that quote would be the same amount at the end.  He had never charged more that what was quoted. 


Being the second highest price, my husband agreed that he was the best prepared, was impressed with his presentation, his down to earth personality, but my husband was stuck on the price, he wanted to pay less. I wanted to make sure the roof would be installed properly and lasted for many years. The others were very vague regarding the details of materials, some would not get a dumpster. They would take the old roof in their trucks daily? That didn’t sound right.


We finally called Jim late October, very late due to my husband not feeling well and August diagnosed with Stage IV bladder cancer, being admitted at the hospital, coming home early November.  Jim was very honest he was solid booked and depending on the weather the earliest he could do the job was mid December. We agreed in waiting hoping that the weather would collaborate and it did. He called a few days before they were scheduled and went over the process, the dumpster delivery on Wednesday, day before, did come and as he said, Jim and his crew were here early morning waiting until 7AM to start working, and worked all day until dusk.


They were estimating 2 to 3 days end up being the 3 full days, we had cedar roof which is harder to work with, Jim was in site. They were very organized, and very careful with covering all the areas, and not affecting the coming and going of the nursing staff to the house, and the number of visitors that came during those 3 days.  We asked if they could start on the opposite side of the house of where my husband was on the family room, they did, and they were very good when they were directly over the room, they were careful not to disturb more then they had to and they stayed until night time on Saturday to make sure everything was cleaned . And it was. Monday morning the dumpster company came to pick up the dumpster.


The price was exactly what was quoted. Jim said that the insurance warranty would come in the mail in a couple weeks, and we received it as he said. My neighbors were impressed and noted his number to give their friends, as they did theirs before but without my good experience.


It was the first time that I insisted based on my gut and was the right decision resulting an excellent job. . My husband passed away 4 days later, which was heart breaking and we didn'€™t have heart to do reviews or think about anything else. Now I am getting ready to do more projects and will be looking for reviews, I have to do my part and post a review based on the work done in my home. I definitely will hire Beantown again.

Scott Deegan

Job Cost: $5800


Project: Replace Asphalt Shingle Roof

Customer Review: Just had my roof replaced yesterday and I couldn't be happier with the end result. As others have mentioned pricing was a little higher than most but to that I would say......you get what you pay for! Jim explained how the project would proceed from dumpster drop off to when the crew would show-up and how long the project would take. There wasn't any deviation or changes from the plan. The crew was excellent and professional! The clean-up process was great....at the end of the day there wasn't anything left in the yard. I always have something to complain about but have absolutely no complaints about this job. From start to finish the experience was absolutely first class. If you are reading this and trying to find a contractor to work on your home then do yourself a favor and just go with Beantown Home Improvements. Scott Bridgwater

Kevin & Claire Betts

Job Cost: $16,032.00


Description: Complete remove old roofing shingles, repair front rafters and several sheets of plywood.  Install new Velux Solar Skylight and reflash 2 other skylights.  Install PVC fascia and rake boards, install new Owens Corning asphalt shingles on home and 2 sheds. 

Customer Review: Beantown was by far the most professional in appearance and presentation providing us with a comprehensive packet of brochures on materials to be used, certificates of insurance and references to call. The job was done professionally in an organized manner with a pleasant crew. Workmanship was the best Great care was taken not to cause damage to the landscaping and the clean up was meticulous. We are very pleased and highly recommend!recommend

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Keith & Katie Berry

Approximate Cost:  $35,000.00


Description Of Work: 

Finished basement - $35,000 job.  From an empty unfinished space into media room, office and workout room.  Framing, insulation, ceilings (both drop and drywall) electrical, baseboard finishing, etc.  


Customer Review: 

We had used Beantown once before when we first moved into our home two years ago.  Being on our third home in 16 years we've had our share of experiences with random contractors and none impressed us.  We found Beantown online and they had great reviews, so figured we'd meet.  Jim was the only one to show professionalism and integrity.  He knows his industry well and can explain in depth exactly the stages to complete the job so you know what to expect.  He replies to emails almost immediately and always gets an answer for any questions.  

His team of professionals are polite, outgoing and personable.  Each stage from framing to insulation, blue-board, electrical and more had dedicated people who specialize in that specific part and each were welcoming to questions and comfortable to have in our home.  At one point a town inspector had to come in and commented on the great job they had done.

It's a big deal to drop 30k+ on any job.  That's like a new car!  The contractor industry has a bad rap from people who aren't typically as professional or don't do such a great job.  We knew that Beantown would meet or exceed all our expectations and in the end we couldn't possibly be happier.  Their attention to detail is amazing.  Their willingness to work with your budget, modify small things to fit our needs and not penny-pinch over stupid things definitely was nice.  For example, I asked for inside insulation between the media room and office to deaden the noise between the two rooms and they just did that for free.  Any other company I would have expected an uncharge. 

As a small business owner myself, I know it's kind of easy to get a 5 Star review.  Clients almost feel obligated to give that after any positive experience.  I don't want that lost on this review though - he truly earned every bit of this review.  You may be scanning through a bunch of reviews just looking for something bad.  I can tell you, seriously, you can stop here and know 100% you're in good hands with Beantown.  Your search is over, you can relax now - it's SO worth it.  

Polite - Respectful - Knowledgeable - Professional - Responsive - Flexible - Easy Going - And just generally nice to have around.  

Awesome experience!!!

Luanne & Stu Teller

Approximate Cost:  $40,000


Description of Work:

Completed extensive repairs following Winter 2015 damage; replaced patio and sliding doors, windows, gutters, siding, and decks.


Customer Review:

If you're looking for someone who cares about quality, is going to do the job properly, is attentive to details, and is ethical and fair, then you should contact Beantown Home Improvements.  We highly recommend Jim and his team.  This is the biggest project we've done on a home...we replaced 4 patio doors, 5 windows, gutters, clapboard siding, and two decks.  We painted two rooms and a hallway ceiling, in addition to painting and/or staining all of the new widows and doors.  They also insulated all the new construction plus some other areas of the house.

Throughout the project, Jim and everyone on his team produced extremely high quality work and were always attentive to even the smallest details. Every window and door they replaced are perfectly level. The installation and painting are meticulous.  They discovered a flaw in how the steps for one of the decks they replaced were installed (we've been frustrated by all the repairs we've had to make to them but never understood the basic problem, which others who have worked on them never noticed). They made sure to correct the problem, even though it wasn't part of the original scope of work.

The majority of the work went easily, but once in a while we'd have a hiccup.  It's easy to do great work when everything goes smoothly, but you learn a lot more about someone when you hit a bump in the road.  On the couple of occasions when we had to talk things through, Jim patiently listed to what we wanted, explained multiple options to us, walked us through to a final decision, and then made sure everything was completed 100% to our satisfaction.  Thanks to his experience, he was able to help us to make well-informed decisions.  He and his team were flexible, professional, and responsive.  Jim communicates in a clear and timely manner, and everyone on his team who worked in our house were pleasant, courteous, and respectful.  

We dreaded going into a renovation project, but Jim and his team did everything they could to minimize the disruption, including hanging plastic to protect other parts of the house from dust.  They cleaned every scrap of debris.  We are thrilled with the work they did, and really happy to have found BHI.  We will definitely use them again, and are already planning our next project.

Brianna Eisenhaure

Approximate Cost:  $30,000.00


Description Of Work: 

I was one of the many people impacted by severe water damage as a result of  ice dams from last years winter and needed to have my kitchen, dining room, and master bedroom completely redone. I also had new windows installed throughout the whole house. 


Angie's List Member Comments: 

"I must say that Jim (the owner) and all of his sub-contractors were a pleasure to work with!
I had been through a very stressful time dealing with all of the water damage and going back and forth with insurance and Jim was right there to answer any and all questions I had about the estimate and what was going to be required to get everything done. It was a long process and Jim was very patient and agreed to do the work, even after 5 months had passed, due to back and forth conversations with insurance. 
The windows came first, and the window crew did such an awesome job! They were great about explaining everything  and telling me all about the new windows and keeping me informed on everything they were doing. It was evident that they were all very passionate about the work they do!
The next step was getting the drywall and plaster done. This process was seamless as well! The guys came in and had everything completed in half a day. 
The kitchen was then completed and Jim was great about making sure that all of the finishes were done just as I had envisioned them. 
The final phase was having the whole house re-painted. The painting job was fantastic! I couldn't have asked for better quality work! 
Jim was always checking in during each stage of the process, to make sure everything was running smooth. I also have to add that I was so impressed with Jim's responsiveness during this whole process. I would email him, and would get a response right away. Jim was always great at explaining everything he was doing and why, which was huge.
Jim is a true professional and takes great pride in the work he does and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to do a home improvement project. 
I am looking forward to having him back to do some other projects on the house in the near future!"

Stephanie Woolbert

Removed existing windows, trim, gutters, and siding (2 layers cedar shingles), and completely replaced with energy efficient, new construction windows (Simonton ProFinish 600) and new Alside vinyl shake siding.


Beantown's crew and work exceeded our expectations. Jim knew just how to handle this huge job, not a detail was missed. Our house is older, and presented some challenges, but the team had the skill and experience to give new life to our 100+ year old home. We are thrilled with the results, and look forward to a much warmer winter! We will definitely call Beantown again for future projects, and highly recommend them.

Ed & Diane Bettuchi

Excellent attention to detail, very responsive to questions, and great communication. The crew arrived when promised and always left the jobsite clean at the end of each day. We are very happy with our new siding and highly recommend this company and their quality workmanship.

Kathy Campbell

Beantown - and specifically Jim DelPrete, was a pleasure to work with. He was so knowledgeable and professional. The job was estimated and completed within a few weeks. In addition to the roofing job, they replaced a window and two walls of privacy fencing on a second floor deck. We are very pleased.

Virginia MacDonald

Beantown Home Improvements has a great crew! They are punctual & have a solid work ethic. They pay attention to detail & complete the job only after you are 100% satisfied. My neighbors have complimented me on the transformation of my home.

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Ray Lofstrom

Beantown did a great job.  Door install was on 200+ year old house so with that comes challenges.  Jim and his crew came up with solutions, explained everything as they went and installed a beautiful door while maintaining the character of the house.  The were professional, courteous and at the end you would not even know they were here.  I would definitely use Beantown again

Robert Burgess

Jim and the crew were professional and efficient. The job was completed in a timely manner and clean up was excellent. I am pleased with the end result and I am not easily pleased. I have used Beantown previously and plan on using them again for my siding project. I highly recommend Jim and Beantown.

Bridget Callahan

We were in a tough spot needing work done quickly and well in order to pass an inspection to for insurance.  Jim met with me on very short notice and was able to fit the job into his schedule quickly.  He and his crew showed up when they said they would and got the job done well in record time. Throughout the process Jim was responsive, helpful with suggestions and professional.

Stephen LeClair

Jim is very responsive, kept us updated all along. His workers were qualified and friendly. This is a professional company run by a professional who cares about his work. We would use them again without doubt.

John Hirko

Could not be happier with the whole job.  From the initial planning stages, through the completion of the work, Jim and his team were extremely thorough.  Jim communicated with me every step of the project, which i greatly appreciated.  There was one issue, out of their control, that cropped up during the middle of the job.  Apparently the header over the door was in two pieces.  Jim's team worked late into the night to fix the header and finish the installation of the door.  All done with no extra charge.  Customer Service is easily overlooked within this industry.  I would rate Beantown 5 out of 5 stars for going above and beyond expectations.

Sharon Nolan

Very clean and went like clock work. Showed me pictures of the work that they had to do that they uncovered while doing the roof. That was excellent. Great communication!

Kevin Murphy

Professional service. on time , on budget, clean, fast, efficient. Best price of three quotes. Very happy I hired them. Call Jim... you won't regret it!

Elias Bassila

Owning a home can be nerve racking because of the responsibility placed on the homeowner. This was especially so for because I hadn't been in my home for 1 year before things had gone wrong...FAST. Like most New Englanders I had water damage caused by ice dam's; while the area effected was relatively small I was enough to file a claim worth a few grand. I chose Beantown because their A rating and previous reviews and I have to say I was extremely pleased. The entire process from the first assessment to the final trim installation was easy and painless. Jim is a true professional who offers a wealth of knowledge on home remodeling. Immediately Jim searched for ways to save me money without sacrificing quality. In addition, he offered pragmatic solutions that suited my needs and budget. We were not required to be home during the renovation and simply provided Jim a key to our house. He keep us updated on the work preformed each day and what to expect next. If there was an issue he notified me immediately and he also completed the work when he said he would. Before Jim left the house after a days work he would ensure his gear was tidy and the home was cleaned of any scrap material. Jim never strayed away from any questions I had related or unrelated to the project. Although this is my first experience with a contractor as a homeowner, there is no doubt as to whether I would use Jims company or recommend him to any of my closest family & friends. Thanks Jim and I look forward to working with you on other projects in the future.

Marsha MacFarland

The whole project went very well and was completed in two days. I was kept well informed of what was going to happen and when it would happen and any changes that occurred (like the dumpster arrival day).  I was very pleased with the finished result.  Jim was very professional and easy to work with and I would definitely use Beantown Home Improvement in the future.

Ken Wilson

I can't say enough about how happy I am with Beantown Home Improvements. From everything from my intial call to final cleanup these guys are great! Jim and his crew are true professionals.Fast, friendly, polite and hard working.
 I have used Beantown to paint my ceilings and patch and paint walls. They come when they say they will be here. They taped and put down drop cloths to protect my furniture and carpet. They worked straight through til the job was done. They cleaned up everything and the work was flawless.
I used Beantown to paint my exterior doors and to install storm doors. Jim came out immediately to measure for the storm doors. I asked him to help me out with picking a color for the exterior doors, I am glad I asked because he did a nice job picking one out!  He came out and painted doors and install storm doors once my order came in. Again, friendly and professional and fast! Again, clean up was great.
I also used Beantown to pressure wash my house. Jim is very responsive and was out within a few days of me contacting him. On the day he was pressure washing I was talking to him about removing my old antenna from my roof. He did it that day free of charge!! How can you beat that?

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