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Roofing is one of the largest and most expensive projects a homeowner can undertake, so it's imperative that you do your due diligence to be certain that you find a roofing contractor you trust! Unlike many other home improvements that can be purely elective, roofing is an essential component of keeping your home safe and secure from the elements.


To assist with your research we suggest the following:

  • Get a Referral from someone that has worked with the company before

  • Stay with a local company - should you have a problem after that fact, a local company is always quicker to respond

  • Stay Small - Smaller companies with excellent reputations have better responsiveness, communication, and lower costs (no salesman)

  • Check licenses - in Massachusetts you can search for Construction Supervisor Licenses (CSL) online

  • Check certifications - your roofer should be top tier certified with the manufacturer to offer the best warranty

  • Meet face to face so you know whom you are dealing with and get the proposal (not written on a napkin) in writing

  • Is Proposal Detailed - If the proposal isn't thoroughly detailed, do you really know what you are getting?

  • Ask for references if they are not given to you - Beantown includes these with every proposal

  • Written contracts - Massachusetts required a written contract for anything over $1000

Additional items to consider:

  • Which brand and shingle to use - consider looking at Consumer Reports. You will find that the Owens Corning ruDefinition shingle continues to be the #1 rated shingle in the Nation and that says something. Many manufacturers offer kickbacks to contractors if they install their shingles, so why are companies installing brands that are poorly rated at a much lower price point? You do get what you pay for.

  • Replace or Repair - while small repairs may buy you time, it will usually cost you more in the long run if you have to keep having them done. f you shingles are degrading and is past the point of no return, repairing your roof is wasting you money!

  • Skylights - it's always better and less expensive to replace your existing skylights while the roof is open and will cost you more after the fact.

  • Roofing with Siding - if you are having both done at the same time, the roof should always be done first


When you meet with Beantown, here is what you can expect:

  • During your initial consultation, you will always meet with a roofing and ventilation expert that will actually be running your job, not some salesman like many send out.

  • We will inspect your roof's exterior for visible damage and other red flag areas such as flashing

  • We will check for leaks and proper ventilation including bathroom fans and check the attic for mold and moisture

  • We will inspect the structural integrity of the roof

  • We will measure the roof and any skylights you may have

  • We will point out any areas of concern such as location of trees to the home or even insufficient insulation, which could be causing ice dams

  • We then thoroughly explain the options and install process so you fully understand and feel comfortable about how the job will go

  • Finally we’ll leave you with samples of all the roofing components including shingles, a detailed quote, copies of references, our state licenses, information on financing and even detailed information on the building code requirements

  • Now you will have everything you need to make a confident educated decision on what is best for you.

  • Best of all, this is all done with no sales pressure

  • Should you hire Beantown, we are an elite team of roofers with years of experience backed by America's #1 Shingle Brand

BEANTOWN maintains the following certifications with Owens Corning

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OC Desert Tan, Middleboro, Beantown
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  1. The Owens Corning Trudefinition Duration Shingle continues to be the #1 rated architectural shingle rated by Consumer reports. It is also worth noting that the biggest competitive shingle in this area is Certainteed Landmark, which is at the absolute bottom of the list!

  2. Owens Corning is the ONLY manufacturer with the Patented SureNail Technology Strip. The bond strength of the adhesive from one shingle to the one below it was tested at 2X times that of any other shingle on the market today!

  3. It is the heaviest shingle on the market at 260 pounds/square  compared to GAF at 245 and Certainteed at 240

  4. Made in America!  Owens Corning proudly manufactures the shingles we use in Kearny, NJ.

Oakridge & Duration Series Shingles


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Terra Cotta, Quincy, December 2019

Onyx Black, Halifax, December 2019

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While all shingles these days have a small amount of Copper or Zinc in them to keep Algae growth down, if you live in an area shaded by trees this still may not be enough.


Beantown Home Improvements can take this one step further and help protect your new roof with Shingle Shield.  Shingle Shield has developed a 100% Zinc roof protection product which will inhibit growth of mildew, lichens, moss, fungus and algae on roof surfaces. Shingle Shield mounts just under the ridge caps on the top of your roof and rain flows over the Shingle Shield Zinc Strips and naturally releases harmless fungistatic molecules of zinc oxide which travel evenly down the roof slope . These molecules are retained by the roof surface and inhibit the growth of all vegetation.


They are easy to install during a new roof installation.  Inquire with us today about Shingle Shield when Beantown Home Improvements installs your new roof.