Beantown Home Improvements is GREEN!

1. Thinking Green

The opportunities to reduce the environmental and health impacts of our homes span from big decisions, like location, to seemingly small decisions, like paint and light bulbs. The products we use to clean, light, furnish, renovate, and build our homes must be a part of the greening process. Reducing our environmental impacts requires thinking and learning about not just how we use products, but where they came from and where they're going. Consider factors like:


  • Energy used to make, ship, and use a product;

  • The product's contents and the sources of its raw materials;

  • Emissions during manufacturing the product and the level and type of toxins in the final product; and

  • The product's durability (lifespan) and recyclability.



2. Green Partners

It’s extremely important when making any kind of home improvement to consider every facet of the project.  From overall cost and time to complete, to the benefits of going green long term and the possible energy rebates you could receive short term.  There are smart choices that can be made and at NO additional cost to you, if you know where to look.  You just have to partner with the right company and BEANTOWN Home Improvements is ready when you are!



3. Green Options

While other elements such as smart insulation and proper ventilation are the big factors in a green home, you can make a world of difference in the materials you select to both build and finish your home. An obvious choice would be purchasing EnergyStar appliances, but what about:


  • Premium insulated vinyl siding siding that can greatly increase the R-value of your home

  • Duration®Premium Cool Shingles are ENERGY STAR® rated and feature unique lighter colors

  • Simonton Windows with ENERGY STAR glass packages specifically designed for harsh Northern climate zones


4. Shingle Recycling

We recycle our shingles at selected recycling stations throughout New England and recycle all Aluminum drip edge

  • BEANTOWN Home Improvements actually established the recycling program for Owens Corning in Massachusetts and is one of the ONLY companies recognized by Owens Corning as a company that pledges to recycle ALL of our shingles.













In the photo on the right at C. Carney

Environmental in Raynham, you can see the

incoming shingle pile on the left hand side.

It is then cleaned, metal separated, and

then ground up to 1/4" minus for roads, which

is the clean pile on the right hand side.

            Nothing goes into a landfill!


It is our mission to offer only the highest quality, most energy efficient products and services on the market that we ourselves use in our own homes.  Additionally we focus on the greening of our business by utilizing technology to reduce print and paper materials, reduce waste by partnering with environmentally conscientious manufacturers, and recycle as much construction debris as possible.  Let’s all do our part and preserve our way of life for our children.

Beantown has taken the shingle recycling pledge, no more landfills
Beantown shingle recycling with Carney Environmental. No more ladfills